Why Us?

Amongst thousands of online marketing agencies, what makes us different?

We'll sum it up with the guarantee we've given each of our clients since 2007.

Since day one, our goal has been to produce and deliver nothing short of exceptional content.

We will work diligently hand-in-hand with you to create content that leads to results and reflects the core of your brand.

It's our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and earning the trust of our clients that marks a difference.

It's the EDS Productions difference.

Why hire EDS Productions over an in-house employee or intern?

Simple. We give our clients the best of both worlds:

Quality work at competitive prices.

How about hiring an in-house employee?

Let's set the cost of training, equipment, health insurance, taxes, and additional expenses aside.

We'll simply focus on salary.

According to PayScale, a marketing coordinator (with average experience) earns a median yearly salary of $42,029.

That's slightly above $3,502 a month...

...for a team member with average experience.

Our Enterprise (top tier) digital marketing plan with professional management and personalized support provides a savings of thousands per month.

We can save your business tens of thousands of dollars per year.

How about an intern? They're free!

In an attempt to keep costs as low as possible, some small businesses allow interns to manage their marketing.

An intern can be a great asset to a small, cash strapped start-up or small business.

However, it's important to answer one simple yet critical question:

Are you comfortable with fully entrusting the image, reputation, and future of your brand to someone with little to no background in marketing?

Fully relying on an intern to guide the digital marketing strategy of your brand may not be in your business's best interest.

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